Who am I?

 Am Q. Am Kid.

I believe I’ll never grow up!

When I am creative, when I learn, when I discover – I have a childlike desire for life, new, people, places, the future. I remain a kid at heart, whatever my age.

And in kids I believe!

I created an idea to help young, creative people – the new generation. To help them use, expose, build and intensify their ability to create a new world with new possibilities and new relationships.

Everything hidden behind fascinating world of fashion mirrors our individuality, where inspiration can be taken from art, nature, culture, cities, people and so much more.

Fashion is a state of mind, an avatar that connects you to the worlds and idea that reflect your personal creativity.

My fashion is meaningful. Go beyond wearing it! Own it!

QKID Creative Club invites you to become a member of the next generation, to join a creative class that makes great ideas possible.

Take a journey through your creative world.

Be the QKID

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