QAlpha is a mindset brand for young creatives aged 8-14 . This is the avatar of the next generation – a generation ready to shape the future.

QAlpha style is build around 4 core elements:





These 4 elements inform designs that matter – designs which evolve, progress and change while constantly affirming the individuality of QKIDs.







QAlpha is an avatar.

QAlpha stands out from the crowd.

QAlpha embraces the future.

QAlpha designs are limited and made to order.


QAlpha ethos emerges from a believe in youth – it’s pure, simple yet freely creative. Ours is immense curiosity, growing down not up, where all ideas are endlessly possible.

QAlpha is an avatar for young creatives aged 8-14 – the next generation. QAlpha helps identify, intensify and apply their ability to create a new world.

QAlpha fashion is a state of mind – a connection to the world that reflects your personal creativity. 

QAlpha invites you join this new, global community – a creative class that makes great ideas possible.